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In a world full of Long Travel XP's, we here at iShock havent forgot about you Rhino and RZR800 guys!  So, here's a little something just for you! For a limited time only get a set of 4 Elka Stage 1's for $995 with free shipping. Thats $995 for all 4 shocks delivered to your door! These shocks will be custom tuned and sprung to your exact specifications so whether your a fat guy in a 4 seater, or skinny kid tearing up a stocker, we've got a build designed just for you!

Fronts are 36mm shocks and the rears are a "big body" 46mm shock designed for the abuse these UTV's hand out!  Take a look at these bad boys:

Elka Rhino RZR 800 Shocks 4 Pack iShock

Hurry while supplies last!


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