Everyones a sponsored rider!

It's a long story but, the bottom line is that every ATV suspension system we sell, literally hundreds of them, has been dramatically reduced in price. There wont be any more sales, discounts, promotions, sponsored riders, etc. Everyone, everyday gets the absolute lowest price we can possibly offer and most certainly, the lowest price anywhere! Brands like Elka, Ohlins, Race Tech, Laeger's, Lone Star (LSR), JD Performance, Houser and more are included!  

What hasn't changed is the same knowledge and support you've come to rely on that only a "suspension only" company can provide. So, please have a look around at the i4500, i5500 and i6500 Long Travel and Standard Travel systems, I think you'll be impressed!

Here's a little sneak peek! This Long Travel kit was $1869.95, it is now $799.95!  The site is full of this stuff!

Elka Stage 1 iShock A-Arms LT

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