We are super pumped to announce that we have teamed up with suspension guru's Laeger's Racing and JD Performance to bring our customers tons of new ATV products! The addition of these line's pumps in suspension product for any and every type of sport ATV riding; from cross country to motocross to Baja, we have you covered with the industries finest A-Arm kits, steering stems and accessories!

Laeger's started it all with their after market suspension products owning the Mickey Thompson Series nearly 30 years ago! We have been working close with Scott to give you the best Laeger's has to offer at the best prices possible. We are pumped to be working with these guys! If you guys dont know Laeger, you've been living under a rock! These guys are the King of aftermarket ATV suspension!

JD Performance is perhaps the best kept secret in ATV suspension. Dave was the one physically building the products previously mentioned for Laeger's back in the day! Not only are we working with the company that started it all, we are also working the "the guy" that made it all happen! JD Performance parts are second to none in quality, even their standard travel "recreational" a-arm kits are suitable for full race applications at the highest level. The best part, Dave runs a tight little business and doesn't believe in big marketing an advertising budgets that raise product prices, the prices on JD Performance products are ridiculously low!

In honor of such a special occasion, lets blow out a few long travel front and rear systems from each of these guys at a limited time rediculously low price!

How about this deal on JD Performance and Elka:

JD Performance Elka Kit iShock

Or this smok'in deal on Laeger's with Elka:

Laegers Racing Elka LT Kit iShock