400K of product added to the "clearance section" at iShock.com!

Hey Everyone!

So here’s the story:  We have been hardcore about keep our pricing down throughout this entire recession, depression, economic downturn, financial crisis, F’d up situation or whatever you want to call it.  In fact, we haven’t raised prices in over 8 years.  So, we have noticed that literally ALL of our competitors have raised prices…many multiple times over the last couple years, and thought, “we should consider following suit”.  Well, after careful consideration, we have decided to lower ours!  We are “permanently” dropping prices across the board…screw what everyone else does, we’ve got our own way of dealing with this economy!

All of the prices on iShock products have been updated on the iShock.com site and I think you will be pumped!  Products like the ever so popular iShock i3500 Complete ATV A-Arm System, which has been $849.95 for 8 years, is now only $599.95!  And the list goes on!

Additionally, we did some dig’in through the dusty shelves and have come up with over 400k worth of overstock, scratch and dent or discontinued items that we are blowing out for pennies on the dollar.  This is all being listed in our “clearance section”.  Happy shopping!

Keep it pinned and let us handle the bumps!



iShock i3500 Price Reduced