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What up ya'll!  This week iShock started rollin out the Toyota Tacoma parts...I know, its about time!  You can thank the suits dealing with insurance and legal issues for the delay...bastards!  We just want to rip up the dirt!

So anyway, we're stoked!  The kits are flying off the shelf in both the i6500 kit, front and rear suspension, and the i5500 which is front components alone.  Which reminds me, we have received a bunch of calls asking if we sell the componets separetly...and yes, coilovers, UCA's and every nut, bolt and washer is avialable individually.  

To the point; the first run was a pretty limited number of kits to "test the waters"...and the waters are running like cat 4 rapids so if your interested, act fast!  Currently product is in stock and can be ordered directly through iShock or through our boys Sonny and crew at Down South Motorsports (888-973-6967).

Thank you all for your patience and support through out the entire development process!  You guys rule!


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