Elka Truck and Jeep shocks are changing the game!

With a year or so under our belts selling Elka truck and Jeep shocks we have a good sense for their performance, durability and what's equally impressive, Elka's AMAZING customer service! We have found the Elka brand to not only exceeds expectations, they have been particularly popular with our customers from colder / wetter climates. Unlike most truck and Jeep shocks that are made with steel bodies, the Aluminum body Elka ensures the shocks beautiful finish will remain beautiful through water, snow, ice and salt exposure. And, being one of the few suspension companies NOT located in SoCal and a company that cut its teeth on snowmobile shocks, the seal heads feature a scraper tough enough for the worst of icy conditions....this is truly an all weather all condition shock!

Elka Tacoma Shocks iShockDid I mention "customer service"? With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1 year parts and seal warranty, its the best in the business! iShock business model emphasizes customer service...its what's kept us at the top of the suspension game for 20 years so, working with a company with the same philosophy is really a match made in heaven...we've proved it for over a decade teamed with Elka with Powersports products and are now over the top excited to take our relationship to the next level in the Automotive Industry. Stay tuned, its been a wild ride thats about to get crazy!