Eibach Pro-Truck Tacoma Shocks and UCA's

Eibach delivers the goods once again and this time for us Tacoma boys!  iShock has been developing, manufacturing and selling Tacoma parts for nearly a decade so we have seen a thing or two and I am hear to tell you, Eibach has killed it with shocks and UCA's that are by far the best value going and backed by Eibach performance and, get this, a MILLION MILE WARRANTY!

If there is only one thing to take away from this news article its this; if you lift the front or your Tacoma at all, you will loose Castor far beyond adjustment range and your truck will be difficult and dangerous to drive so, whether you buy from us or someone else, PLEASE don't go cheap, make sure you get some UCA's that correct the issue!

Check out this package iShock has on sale for $1115.06 with FREE shipping:

Eibach Pro Truck Tacoma Shocks UCA iShock

Some addition info for ya nerdy types:


Maximum performance for standard to moderately lifted trucks with larger wheels and tires.

Get more droop travel: Improved clearance to get around the spring bucket. With 80° of articulation in the upgraded ball joint and free pivoting bushings, PRO-ALIGNMENT gives you maximum droop travel.
Get your drivability and tracking back: When you lift your truck you affect caster and camber. PRO-ALIGNMENT arms have +1° of caster built into them. Using its patented ball joint design the arm will get you 0° to +4° of caster and ±2° of camber, so you can put your alignment angles back to specification.

Get your tire where you want it in the wheel well: Use adjustment in the control arm and on the OE lower cams to maximize alignment angles and move oversized tires forward in the wheel well to minimize or avoid fender trimming.

  • Perfectly matched system of lift springs and shocks for maximum travel and performance 
  • 2.5” of lift or leveling in the front with a +0 to +1" rear shock
  • Manufactured using race winning off-road race spring technology
  • Developed to provide balanced ride quality, control and off-road capability
  • Made In U.S.A.