JD Performance ATV A-Arm bearing upgrade kit now available!

You all know how much we like the JD Performance a-arms and now there is even more to like!  JD now offers a Bearing Upgrade kit for all of their a-arms that will virtually eliminate wear around the barrel of the bushing while providing unbelievably smooth action.  The upgrade cost when ordering your new JD Performance a-arms is only $75 and to us, well worth the money!  If you already own a set of JD a-arms you too can upgrade for $150.

If you simply need to replace your Delrin bushings and sleeves, we have that kit available too for a low $85.

JD Performance continues to show inovation and a commitement to improving quality and performance in every product they manufacturer.  iShock is proud to be a leading dealer for JD Performance and as commited as they are to getting you into the best kit on the market at the very best price.

JD Performance ATV A Arm Bushing Bearing Kit iShock