GT Thunder ATV Linkage from your #1 source for expert ATV suspension advice and sales.

iShock has been selling and racing GT Thunder rear ATV Linkages for nearly a decade and we have yet to find anything better!  These linkages modify the stock geometry to eliminate the dreaded "mid-stroke harshness" experienced with most ATV rear suspension.  These links will dramatically improve shock perofmance even on a completely stock ATV and if your looking for more, iShock has spent years perfecting the tunning on OEM shocks and developing settings with companies like Elka for the ultimate rear shock package.  Nobody knows the GT Thunder set up like iShock and we have many race wins in nearly every dsciplin of ATV racing to prove it!

If your looking for GT Thunder Linkage and the knowlege to help you perfect it, please give a iShock technician a call at 866-GO-iShock today!

iShock has GT Thunder links available for:  LTZ400, KFX400, DVX400, TRX450, KFX450, LTR450, Raptor 660, Raptor 700, YFZ450, YFZ450R and YFZ450X in both XC (Cross County) and MX (Motocross) designs.


Available part numbers:  03-001, 06-003, 06-002, 06-010, 05-001, 05-002, 06-001, 04-002, 04-001, 07-001, 07-002, 06-007, 06-008, 06-009, 06-006, 08-003, 06-005, 06-004, 05-003, 09-007, 09-006, 09-008, 09-009, 09-010