The best of the best Tacoma Mid-Travel Suspension System is here!

Man it's been a long time coming but iShock finally has the Tacoma Mid-Travel system you've been asking for!  As you know getting into an extended coil over system has traditionaly been big bucks but with the help of our friends at Radflo, problem solved!  The extended length Radflo shocks are custom valved to dramatically improve performance on and off road with adjustable preload ranging from stock height to +3".  We have a complete front and rear 2.0 system with extended length Mid-Travel coilovers and matching rear shocks paried up with the industry leading ReadyLift "boxed" UCA's on sale right now for $1975.99.

Another HUGE bonus is that this package has available options to add remote reservours all around and even bump up to the race inspired 2.5" body shocks!  So pumped on this kit!  Check it out:

Tacoma Mid Travel Suspension Radflo ReadyLift iShock