The all new KLX 110 and KLX 110L Shocks are shipping with some crazy good reviews!

We had super high expectations for the new Elka Stage 2 KLX 110 and 110L shocks and Elka didn't disappoint! The new shock is AMAZING! For only $435 with FREE shipping the shock has already proven to smoke the competition with shocks priced at over $600. This is by far the best KLX 110L shock made!  Check out this review we stumbled across on PlanetMinis.  

Just a reminder, each and every shock we sell is custom tuned for rider and machine to ensure the very best possible ride right out of the box so, whether your a pro MX racer or a back yard pit bike cruiser, we have the build for you!   Nobody knows Pit Bike shocks like iShock!

Elka Stage 2 KLX 100 110L Rear Shock iShock