As many of you know, iShock partnered with Elka several years back and some great things happened resulting in an amazing business relationship and friendship between companies.  We couldnt be more proud of the accomplishments and it would never have happend without the help some really solid people at Elka and Elka being a really great company as a whole with top notch product.  

Well, we have desided to plug Fox into the same business model and shoot for the stars!  Like Elka, Fox has been very good to work with and is helping us out tremendously with everything required to shorten the new product learning curve.  Thanks a ton Fox, looking forward to the ride!

In honor of this event, we would like to offer our iShock customers and good friends a limited time only deal on Pit Bike, ATV and UTV shocks!  Get the details by calling iShock direct at 866-Go-iShock.

Additionally, iShock will be building complete suspension systems featuring the Fox shocks for both ATV's and UTV's and adding them to our site and eBay store.  For the time being, just keep in mind that nearly every suspension package you see online currently with Elka shocks, is available immediately with Fox shocks!  All you gotta do is call!

Check out these works of art!  We're pumped to be Fox's newest distributor!

Fox Powersports ATV UTV Shocks iShock