We are pumped to go live today with an all new UTV suspension section at with shocks and complete suspension packages from industry leaders like HCR Racing, King, Lone Star Racing, Radflo, Elka and more!  Every suspension package we sell includes parts that are designed and tested to work perfectly together and are custom built from the ground up just for you!  There are no generic "off the shelf" suspension products sold here!  Check out the collection of UTV parts for nearly any make and model including the RZR XP1000 Turbo, Maverick Turbo and even the new Yamaha YXZ 1000R!

We are especially excited to offer Radflo UTV shocks as both stock replacements and as a part of the complete suspension packages.  If your not familiar with Radflo, these guys have killed it for years in the off-road automotive industry and have brought that technology and experience to UTV's.  If your sick of generic tuned shocks and the color blue, these shocks are for you!  Long time iShock friend Jason Hess has taken the raines in the UTV department at Radflo and we couldn't be more stoked to be able to work with such a seasoned pro!  Look out people, Radflo is on the move!  Check out this XP1000 system with custom tuned Radflo 2.5" shocks:

LSR and Radflo Shocks UTV RZR XP1000 Suspension Kit iShock

This kit at nearly $700 off retail with free shipping is only scratching the surface, we have added dozens of options to fill the needs of anyone serious about imporving their UTV performance!  Check them out today while the introductory sale last!