For you west coast boys and girls, desert season is coming and times-a-tickin!  It's time to get a move on with your custom suspension builds to be sure to be 100% dialed by the time the boats are away and the UTV's come out to play!  iShock can not be beat on Elka prices and service.  All Elka shocks we sell are trully custom built from the ground up to your exact specifications, we NEVER sell "off the shelf" generic shocks and I promise you, the custom build is where the value lies and no one gets it better than we do, suspension is all we do!

Now's the time to get your SXS dialed with the legendary, custom built, big body, Elka stage 4 shocks while the summer sale lasts!  I'd give you a price now but if the competition knew how cheap we sell these shocks for we'd have assasigns at the front door!  Give us a call and we'll make you happy I promise! 760-366-3640

How would your ride look with a sweet new set of these?  This listing is for all 4 side by side shocks for $1999 with FREE shipping and a $50 gas card bonus.  Not a good enough deal?  Make us an offer, we're not above a little wheelin and dealin!

Elka stage 4 UTV shock sale iShock