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iShock turns 12! It's been 12 absolutely awesome years thanks to great vendors, top notch employees and super kick ass customers! Thanks to everyone!

In honor of the occasion, we have specials on tap like custom built and tuned Elka Stage 3 and Stage 4 shock packages, thats both front and rear shocks, for only $799.99 for the 3's and $999.99 for the 4's with free shipping! Thats literally $1700 off retail! Check it out!

Elka Stage 4 ATV front rear package sale iShock

We got you IRS quads covered too for only $200 more!

Elka Stage 4 ATV IRS Package Deal iShock

For even a better deal, check out the crazy huge assortment of complete suspension packages featuring these same killer shocks!


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