Inevitably iShock is one of Elka's top dealers each and every month and we have you to thank however, we strive to be number 1!  We can't help but get a little upset each time we are beat out for the #1 spot by a mass merchant selling every product from every manufacturer in the Powersports Industry with little to no suspension knowledge.  To these dealers, a shock is nothing more than another part number.  The key to good suspension has always been in the sellers ability to help the rider understand exactly what suspension best suits his or her needs and help that person to develope the best custom build for their uses.  We here at iShock have been helping customers do just that for over a decade!  A mass merchant or big mail order dealer can not equip their sales force with the knowledge needed to be experts in everything they sell.  This is why suspension is all we do!  We guarantee the right product for you, not more than you need and certainly not less even if we have to send you to someone else to make your purchase!  iShock is also very competitive in pricing, no one buys Elka better than we do or sells it for less.  Bottom line, we have the price, knowledge and customer service that cant be mathced by any company selling you shocks in one breath and a new hoodie in the next!  If you want to maximize your suspension investment, dont risk it dealing with a sales rep just coming in from his night job at McDonalds (no offense meant to fast food workers), please call the suspension experts at iShock.  

Thanks for allowing me to vent!

Elka Number One Dealer iShock