Raise your hand if you have or are getting the new iPhone 6 or 6+ and are scared s**tless its gonna bend and / or pull out your hair where the glass meets the metal! PayBack is working hard on the solution with the development of the only truly off-road themed tough case on the market, the "Beadlock". As with the Beadlock cases for previous iPhone models, the new 6 and 6+ case remains dedicated to supporting the sport through donations with every product sold to the Blue Ribbon Coalition. The new 6 and 6+ cases will reportedly be available in 3 to 4 weeks in your choice of 4 anodized colors on all that billet aluminum awesomeness! See more at PayBack Products would also like to say a very special THANK YOU to the magazines that have given the Beadlock case so much love. Dirt Bike, Dirt Rider, Cycle News, Dirt Toys, S&S Offroad, Sand Sports, ATV & SXS Illustrated,, Offroading Online Magazine, Ultimate MotorCycling, Go Riding Magazine, JP Freak and all the rest showing support, you guys rule!

Check out the iPhone 6 and 6+ case prototypes being turned out in PayBack Products 3D printer. Pretty cool!

iPhone 6 Beadlock Case 3D print prototype

And here she is, the prototype Beadlock Case printed out of ABS on a new iPhone 6+!

Beadlock Case 3D prototype iPhone 6+

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