Q: What weight oil do you use in an iShock?

We use and recommend the lightest weight oil you can find such as a 3wt light from Maxima or an Ultra Slick from Race Tech...both available right here at iShock.com.

Q: How much will the "free" shipping cost me on my web order?

Um...its "free". No charge for ground shipping on any order over $99.

Q: Will my stock ATV shocks work with the iShock "phantom" standard travel a-arm kits?

Yes! The shock mount tabs on the arm remain in the stock location. However, expect the ride to be a bit softer than usual due to the added leverage with the longer arm. You may consider having the iShock service center re-vavle and re-spring your stock shocks to match your new arms, weight, skill level and type of terrain you frequent.