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Maxtrac Suspension was founded in November 2010, right in the midst of America’s recession. They decided with the experience and knowledge that the team had built up over the years, They could build something that was a little more than a hole-in-the-wall generic parts dealer. They had the ability to bring price-competitive suspension components to the market, while still providing top notch quality on everything they make in house at their facility in Anaheim, CA. We find MaxTrac among the very very few manufacturers that are able to provide all 3 types of suspension modifications on the market; lowering, leveling, and lifting. Our large line of lowered and lifted knuckles / spindles provide the cornerstone to many of their kits, providing true stock ride quality and comfort. With these ultra-durable, bulletproof products, it allows you to get any height you want from 3-7″, depending on what you want to throw in the mix. While leveling kits have been on the market for a while, we feel MaxTrac's are of significant quality to boast about. Maxtrac Suspension manufacturers all of their strut spacer leveling kits here in house, by hand. The kits are powder coated down the street, and boxed ready for shipment in their warehouse. This aligns with their dedication to top quality parts that you can trust, and keeping the parts at a price you can afford.

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