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Elka 2017 Ranger XP 1000 Shocks - Now Taking Orders!

I know, about time huh!?!  Well perfection doesnt happen overnight!  I know what your thinking, same as the Ranger XP 900 shocks right?  Wrong!  Although the actual dimesnions are the same and other shock manufactuers may be selling the same part number for both the 900 and the 1000, the cars are different and ideally, so is the tuning.

iShock is now taking orders for all "stages" of shocks, all custom tuned and built to your specs, and ideal for the amazing new Polaris Ranger XP 1000!  Regardless of your build, stock to super tanker, 2 seater or crew, we have the specs dialed....guaranteed!

Although there are several different Elka models avallable, we at iShock are particuarly excited about the new stage 2 shocks.  The stage 2 features the performance of high end custom tuned shocks with the price point of generic stock replacements.  For 90% of you Ranger XP 1000 owners, this package is ideal! 

The all new aluminum body, internal nitrogen reservoir stage 2 is available for most all sport / utility UTV's and is currently iShock's best selling shock package!  

All 4 on sale now for $1300 with FREE shipping and a bonus $25 gas card.  Check it out:

Elka stage 2 Polaris Ranger XP 1000 Shocks iShock

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