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Elka Snowmobile Stage 5 Front Shocks with a FREE $50 Gas Card!

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There is a reason we are one of the top Elka dealers in the world, it’s called CUSTOMER SERVICE! We are not simply "order takers” here at iShock, we are trained suspension experts that take pride in getting your custom build right the first time, every time. At iShock, suspension is all we do and we make suspension simple! Feel free to contact a suspension pro at 866-Go-iShock to assist you in selecting the best components for your application

The Stage 5 Snowmobile shocks are based off the latest evolution of our high-performance racing ATV platform. It is designed around 3 key performance factors: high hydraulic flow, lightweight components and low-friction internal and moving parts.
Thanks to massive oil displacement, the Stage 5 internals allow a highly precise tuning and smooth damping action while being very consistent through long rides. Our high flow concept also provide more usable adjustment range than any other shocks currently available for snowmobiles.
There is no need to explain all the obvious benefits from reducing the overall weight of your vehicle. By using lightweight components,such as our new redesigned springs, the Stage 5 shocks not only help achieve your weight target but is also more responsive because there is less mass to move (less inertia). You can ride lighter and worry-free knowing that your sled is standing on a solid, proven coil over shock design.
The Stage 5‘s low friction internals have very little stiction, the initial stickiness caused by the friction of internal moving parts against the seals. All those features combined make the Stage 5 the most comfortable and best performing snowmobile shocks on the market today.
Availability: If listed as "out of stock" contact iShock.
Shipping: This product will be custom built to your specifications, please allow two to three weeks for shipping.
Pricing: $1,899.99

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Why buy this model?
Best performing snowmobile shocks available on the market
Adjustments that provides complete control of all damping aspects
Maximum performance and comfort for any type of riding in any snow conditions

Part Numbers: ELKA-84100, ELKA-84102, ELKA-84110, ELKA-84114, ELKA-84118, ELKA-84645, ELKA-84651, ELKA-84122, ELKA-84665, ELKA-84671, ELKA-84122, ELKA-84126, ELKA-84128, ELKA-84130, ELKA-84132, ELKA-84137, ELKA-84140, ELKA-84143, ELKA-84145, ELKA-84147, ELKA-84151, ELKA-84155, ELKA-84157, ELKA-84159, ELKA-84163, ELKA-84171, ELKA-84173, ELKA-84175, ELKA-84179, ELKA-84183, ELKA-84187, ELKA-84189, ELKA-84193, ELKA-84197, ELKA-84201, ELKA-84203, ELKA-84207, ELKA-84209, ELKA-84213, ELKA-84217, ELKA-84219, ELKA-84224, ELKA-84229, ELKA-84233, ELKA-84237, ELKA-84238, ELKA-84242, ELKA-84247, ELKA-84252, ELKA-84256, ELKA-84262, ELKA-84268, ELKA-84274, ELKA-84280, ELKA-84286, ELKA-84288, ELKA-84294, ELKA-84300, ELKA-84306, ELKA-84308, ELKA-84314, ELKA-84320, ELKA-84326, ELKA-84328, ELKA-84330, ELKA-84332, ELKA-84338, ELKA-84344, ELKA-84350, ELKA-84357, ELKA-84359, ELKA-84361, ELKA-84367, ELKA-84373, ELKA-84375, ELKA-84381, ELKA-84387, ELKA-84389, ELKA-84395, ELKA-84401, ELKA-84407, ELKA-84413, ELKA-84415, ELKA-84417, ELKA-84419, ELKA-84421, ELKA-84427, ELKA-84433, ELKA-84435, ELKA-84441, ELKA-84443, ELKA-84445, ELKA-84447, ELKA-84449, ELKA-84451, ELKA-84453, ELKA-84455, ELKA-84457, ELKA-84463, ELKA-84465, ELKA-84471, ELKA-84477, ELKA-84483, ELKA-84489, ELKA-84491, ELKA-84493, ELKA-84495, ELKA-84497, ELKA-84499, ELKA-84503, ELKA-84505, ELKA-84507, ELKA-84509, ELKA-84511, ELKA-84513, ELKA-84515, ELKA-84677, ELKA-84682, ELKA-84517, ELKA-84522, ELKA-84527, ELKA-84531, ELKA-84533, ELKA-84535, ELKA-84544, ELKA-84550, ELKA-84556, ELKA-84563, ELKA-84567, ELKA-84569, ELKA-84575, ELKA-84581, ELKA-84587, ELKA-84593, ELKA-84599, ELKA-84605, ELKA-84611, ELKA-84613, ELKA-84619, ELKA-84621, ELKA-84626, ELKA-84631, ELKA-84637


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  • Elka
  • If listed as "out of stock" contact iShock.
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  • 20.0 lbs.
  • This product will be custom built to your specifications, please allow two to three weeks for shipping.

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